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Every home or place of work has the potential to become beautiful with the right flooring product.

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Why Choose Us?

Even if you've already settled on a floor covering, you should consider linoleum. At Khan Carpet, customers ask all the time about the benefits of a linoleum floor. The bright translucence of today's linoleum is undeniably attractive, and it's flexibility and durability make it the ideal flooring for everyday use.

What Can a Linoleum Floor Do That Other Flooring Wouldn't Do?

Linoleum is non-allergenic and organic in composition, so it can be used virtually anywhere. The design possibilities are limitless. Discover a pattern or design you like or come up with your own. Manufacturers produce linoleum with custom designs that fit any room.

As High-Use Flooring, it Can Take a Beating

You can do anything to linoleum flooring and it proves its resilience. It's the perfect flooring to withstand the kids' play in the recreation room. Linoleum withstands the level of traffic the kitchen sees every day. In a washroom, a laundry room or a finished basement, it acts as the perfect surface for every activity. The bright finish and translucence last as long as it's installed, and its resilience is amazing.

It Can Resembles Anything

Manufacturers produce a Linoleum product that looks like wood, marble, granite or any substance imaginable. Inlaid linoleum has the appearance of tile and grout or resembles embossed designs of any imaginable nature. Producers render a wide variety of designs in linoleum. Companies put corporate logos on linoleum floors. Residential customers do just about anything with it.

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